Triton 9100
The 9100 delivers Triton's unparalleled reliability and offers a number of additional features designed to maximize uptime, such as automatic error recovery. The 9100 also features Triton’s own TDM-100 dispensing mechanism, which incorporates state of the art electronics and a host of features including locking cassette. And even though the 9100 features a low cost of ownership, it still incorporates many of the industry’s tightest security features, such as VISA Encrypting PIN Pad (VEPP) and Triple DES, the new standard for PIN encryption. Dollar for dollar, Triton's 9100 is simply the most cost-effective ATM in the industry, bar none.
Triton 9100 Spec Sheet (PDF)

For decades, the banking industry has trusted Triton for innovative technology that’s practical and cost-efficient, and Triton has delivered again with the FT5000, a versatile through-the-wall ATM that offers high performance for a surprisingly low price. Our long-time experience with the cost-conscious banks and credit unions led us to develop this model designed with the financial industry in mind. With an Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP), rear access, and full ADA and Triple DES compliance, the PC-based FT5000 also supports XFS, emulation and a variety of communication protocols. But what makes the Triton model FT5000 most popular with banks and credit unions is its highly cost-efficient operation. Financial institutions can choose from one to four cassettes based on traffic and can count on the reliable operation that has made Triton a leader in the industry. Plus, the Microsoft CE Windows® operating system makes possible a long list of revenue generating value added services. Performance. Reliability. Easy and inexpensive service. Thanks to Triton, there’s finally a through the wall unit made just for you.
Triton FT5000
Triton FT5000 Spec Sheet (PDF)

Triton RL5000
Triton’s PC-based RL5000 is changing the way people think about ATMs. The all-new model offers a stunning 10.4 inch LCD display and supports a long list of value-added transactions. All at a much lower price point than other PC-based machines. This new chapter in Triton’s history of innovation is made possible by Windows® Intel® XScale™, an advanced PC platform that enables a new level of high-performance and hassle-free operation. In addition to its low price, the RL5000 also offers an extremely low cost of operation. The wide range of dispensers available offers customers the ability to choose the capacity that most matches their usage, and—like all Triton technology—it’s extremely easy to service. Plus the RL5000 has all the standards you’re looking for in a new ATM: ADA compliance, an Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP), Triple DES compliance, and a surprisingly small footprint. There’s not another PC ATM on the market that offers the level of performance and cost-competitiveness delivered by the Triton RL5000. The future of ATMs is here.
RL5000 Spec Sheet (PDF)

For many high-traffic locations, there has simply never been a cost-effective way to provide customers with access to a 24-hour walk-up ATM. Most of the big, traditional ATMs are too costly and complicated to even consider. The extremely reliable and affordable RT2000 gives merchants a low-cost, easy to service alternative to more expensive through-the-wall ATMs. It's no surprise this innovation comes from Triton. Triton customers know that our hallmark affordability is the result of decades of engineering and innovation. The RT2000's high-performance is partly due to the Triton custom-engineered dispensing mechanisms. Triton's self-calibrating dispenser mechanisms are designed to dispense 250,000 notes with no preventive maintenance. The triton RT2000 is easy to install. It's easy to maintain. And most of all, its low cost and reliability means your high traffic ATM location can finally become a high-profit ATM location. Finally, a through-the-wall ATM built by the experts in retail ATMs.
Triton RT2000
RT2000 Spec Sheet (PDF)
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