The Tiedemann Digital Video Recorder is second to none in quality and performance. 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 analog channel models are available as well as custom configurations. Our DVR supports most popluar models of IP cameras and megapixel IP cameras with no extra license to buy! Up to 16 programmable alarm inputs and 8 programmable relay outputs are available. For remote viewing and access, the Tiedemann DVR comes complete with a integrated web server and central management software. With the managment software, up to 16 seperate DVR's and 36 cameras can be accessed simultaneously. Advanced features enhance the search process and video can be saved directly to CD, DVD, memory stick, or hardcopy printout. Recovery disks come with every unit to ensure a speedy recovery in case of hard drive failure.Raid units are available for added security. All units come with a restart module that will restart your DVR in case of extended power failures.
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